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Event Management is an art

Somehow the stones were brought to Stonehenge. King Arthur must have had a star chef for his Round Table. The Sun god must have employed a whole staff of party planners. And who brought the Three Tenors to the Baths of Caracalla? Detailed reports document these epic events - one knows the hosts and guests, the menus and décor from Japanese tea ceremonies to large wedding celebrations to state receptions.

The master of ceremonies

Oftentimes, however, one doesn't know who organized these events. Someone stood on the side and helped with their words and deeds, as the homecoming path of generals had to be lined with fresh roses. Someone organized and watched carefully over the 5-day ceremony of Karl V's wedding, and it all went perfectly. Someone knew the funniest court jester, who survived the festivity without being decapitated. And someone let the congress dance. 

A master of ceremonies primarily used his creative ideas and organizational talent, so that today - decades later - we still talk about these events. The simple reason why nearly nothing was ever mentioned of those working 'behind the lines' is: because the philosophy of the master of ceremonies is to take a subordinate role to the assignment at hand, and dedicate his/her entire passion and creativity to it. And that is exactly what we do. Unobtrusively, precise and of the highest quality.

A good event is good advertising

The business community has long discovered the benefits of large events. More and more the focus is on the specific dynamics of the event. With this medium one can present products, win clients and motivate employees. So each event needs personalized solutions and original ideas - and that is our strength.

The h+s factor

From its Munich office, h+s has been in the business of events management for over 15 years. We know the business like the back of our hand. Why else would so many noteworthy firms rely on us? Why else would our business grow so rapidly every year? Our dedicated team is here to help you make the most out of your event.

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